Special Conveyor Belt

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt


Generally, Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt is economical to adopt a heat resistant belt if the temperature of the conveying material exceed 60℃.  The proper selection of a cover rubber is decided mainly on the temperature and size of transported material.  Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt is used for sintering plants, chemical plants, coking plants and cement plants for transporting cement clinker, blast furnace clinker, cokes, burnt lime, sinter, slag, and high-temperature powdery materials.

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt is made from premium quality SBR rubber compound with excellent abrasion resistance and heat resistance. The belt surface temperature allows up to 120℃. This grade belt is recommended for conveying hot material like coke, sintered products, etc.
HOR (Heat & Oil Resistance) used on systems handling hot and oily material, the cover are 100% Nitrile polymer, with no other type elastomer. This grade is recommended for conveyor hot asphalt with temperature up to 120℃ where both oil and heat resistance are required.