Special Conveyor Belt

Straight Warp Conveyor Belt


Straight Warp Conveyor Belt has a polyester warp yarn for excellent strength with minimum stretch.  Also, polyester has excellent chemical and heat resistance.  The stability of the polyester makes for superior tracking and the nylon fill yarns of the Straight Warp Conveyor Belt provides for excellent mechanical fastener retention, excellent troughability, and superior rip resistance.

* Greater Rip, tear and impact resistance.

* Straight Warp Conveyor Belt with high strength and low stretch.

* Excellent load support, throughability and tracking."
The synthetic fibers yield a higher unit strength and exceptional resistance to abrasion, cutting and snagging. The construction of single-ply increases resistance to flexural fatigue and impacts. Its throughability is much better than a normal fabric. It provides high-carrying capacity and very low stretch. The elongation is approximate 0% at 10% load, hence the belt can be used for long distance conveyor line.
Fabric Type: SW315, SW400, SW500, SW630, SW800 etc.

Tension Rating(PIW) 175 220 280 330 440
Fabric Type SW315 SW400 SW500 SW630 SW800
Approx Carcass Gauge 0.098 in. 0.100 in. 0.110 in. 0.118 in. 0.142 in.