Rubber Conveyor Belt

Rubber Conveyor Belt


Rubber Conveyor Belt is available for OEM service.

We can offer Multi-Ply Conveyor Belt according to customers' need.

If you are interested in our Rubber Conveyor Belt , welcome contact with us. We thank you for your time.

Rubber Conveyor Belt is generally composed of three main components:
1. Cover Rubber (Top & Bottom Covers)
2. Carcass
3. Rubber Skim Coat
4. The additional reinforce Breaker fabric or Monofilament could be used for extra protection.

Grade Application
GP General Purpose (DIN-Z, RMA2)
GR2 Good resistance to cutting and gouging (AS-N, RMA1)
GR1 Impact Resistant (DIN-X, AS-M)
SAR2 Super Abrasion (DIN-Y)
SAR1 Superior Resistance to abrasion (DIN-W)
MOR Moderate Oil Resistant
OR Oil Resistant
SOR Superior Oil Resistant
HR Heat Resistant to 120℃
HOR Heat & Oil Resistant
FER Fire Resistant & Anti-Static

NN Nylon / Nylon, flexible to adopt small pulleys.
EP Polyester / Nylon, offers the low stretch characteristics.
SW Straight Warp Construction Fabric
CFW Crow Foot Weave Fabric
Breaker Fabric A special woven fabric to improve gouge and tear resistant
XE(Monofilament) Cross stabilized construction
Cotton 30oz, 32oz, Excellent heat and bending resistant, low elongation