Probelt Global Limited

Probelt Global Limited (PGL) is ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of rubber conveyor belt in Taiwan. Our product ranges include heavy duty and light duty conveyor belt, Chevron Conveyor Belt, specialty belting including Oil resistant, Super Abrasion Resistant, Heat Resistant, Fire and Anti-static Resistant Belting.

Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

Our conveyor belt, belt conveyor are most commonly used in transportation of bulk materials. Conveyor belt, belt conveyor in general material handling such as those moving boxes along inside a facility form a different class of belt conveyors from those that are used to transport large volumes of resources and agricultural materials.Probelt Global Limited is a leading manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan, specialized in wide range of conveyor belt, belt conveyor. Our products enjoy well-reputation by the strict quality request.
We are Taiwan's No1 brand in manufacturing Conveyor Belt that provides vision based sorting solutions for various applications.Innovative design, durability, high performance, and low maintenance requirement are the features of our conveyor belt.
Please feel free to contact us if you are searching for conveyor belts with unique and stylish design.

Conveyor Belt

Rubber Conveyor Belt (conveying belt), also known as conveyor belts, belt conveyor for carrying and transportation of materials that made by rubber and textile fabric. 

Conveyor belt is widely used in cement, metallurgy, chemical, steel and industries.

Belt conveyors in agriculture, industrial, mining and transportation are widely used to transport a variety of solid bulk and powder-like materials or items. 

It brings the great benefits of continued working, high efficiency, incline transportation, simple & safety operation, easy repair and maintains, lower cost, engineering saving and economize human resource.

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Probelt Global Limited has been a leading manufacturer of conveyor belt, belt conveyor to both independent and national training organizations. Also, we have an expert team of engineers both in Taiwan and overseas and a world-class supply chain ensuring prompt delivery of quality products. Our conveyor belt, belt conveyor are supreme quality and are much appreciated by the customers' for their high-tech designs, user-friendliness and operational efficiency. If you are interested in our products, please email us by