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Probelt Global Limited (PGL) is ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of rubber conveyor belt in Taiwan. Our product ranges include heavy duty and light duty conveyor belt, Chevron Conveyor Belt, specialty belting including Oil resistant, Super Abrasion Resistant, Heat Resistant, Fire and Anti-static Resistant Belting.

Rubber Conveyor Belt Manufacturers

Probelt Global Limited is one of the rubber conveyor belt manufacturers in Taiwan, our reputation is based on a foundation of quality, excellence and unsurpassed technical expertise, enabling us to be a dedicated solutions-based partner for our customers. Our company is one of the main producers of rubber conveyor belts in Taiwan, and is highly regarded for quality products. Keeping in mind the importance of clients' time, we make sure that our products are delivered to them within the promises time-period.

Rubber Conveyor Belt

Rubber Conveyor Belt is available for OEM service.

We can offer Multi-Ply Conveyor Belt according to customers' need.

If you are interested in our Rubber Conveyor Belt , welcome contact with us. We thank you for your time.
Features :

Rubber Conveyor Belt is generally composed of three main components:
1. Cover Rubber (Top & Bottom Covers)
2. Carcass
3. Rubber Skim Coat
4. The additional reinforce Breaker fabric or Monofilament could be used for extra protection.

Grade Application
GP General Purpose (DIN-Z, RMA2)
GR2 Good resistance to cutting and gouging (AS-N, RMA1)
GR1 Impact Resistant (DIN-X, AS-M)
SAR2 Super Abrasion (DIN-Y)
SAR1 Superior Resistance to abrasion (DIN-W)
MOR Moderate Oil Resistant
OR Oil Resistant
SOR Superior Oil Resistant
HR Heat Resistant to 120℃
HOR Heat & Oil Resistant
FER Fire Resistant & Anti-Static

NN Nylon / Nylon, flexible to adopt small pulleys.
EP Polyester / Nylon, offers the low stretch characteristics.
SW Straight Warp Construction Fabric
CFW Crow Foot Weave Fabric
Breaker Fabric A special woven fabric to improve gouge and tear resistant
XE(Monofilament) Cross stabilized construction
Cotton 30oz, 32oz, Excellent heat and bending resistant, low elongation

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Probelt Global Limited is your leading industry resource for rubber conveyor belt manufacturers and product information on the rubber conveyor belts. We provide a variety of rubber conveyor belts, all with competitive price. Also, we have an expert team of engineers both in Taiwan and overseas and a world-class supply chain ensuring prompt delivery of quality products. For over these years, we've offered the trusted rubber conveyor belt to fit our customer's requirement. Please feel free to contact with us if you have any inquiry or problem.