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Probelt Global Limited (PGL) is ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of rubber conveyor belt in Taiwan. Our product ranges include heavy duty and light duty conveyor belt, Chevron Conveyor Belt, specialty belting including Oil resistant, Super Abrasion Resistant, Heat Resistant, Fire and Anti-static Resistant Belting.

Cross Rigid Conveyor Belt Manufacturers, Special Conveyor Belt Suppliers

Pipe Conveyor Belt are used where bulk materials have to be conveyed along horizontal and vertical curves in restricted spaces.Pipe Conveyor Belts have special capability of adapting to topography, allows material to be conveyed through difficult terrain and over long distances.

Cross Rigid Conveyor Belt


It is based in the following main components:

(1) Cross-stabilized Base Belts

(2) Sidewalls

(3) Cleats

Sidewall Conveyor belt has been designed with two corrugated sidewalls and cleats molded to cross-rigid base belt can carry heavy product loads up to the inclined angle of 75°. This belt is popular where space is at a premium and steep incline angles are desired. 

The Base Belt:

The base belt is designed to bend efficiently in a longitudinal direction and has greater rigidity in a transverse direction by utilizing reinforced fabrics with monofilament, creating a fabric carcass of high tension."

Features :

Cross Rigid Conveyor Belt can be deflected from the horizontal to an incline or vertical and back again without bowing or sagging. These deflection points as well as the belt returning on free lateral space by snub idlers definitely require the cross-rigidity of the base belt. The designed mono-filament fabrics provide better returnside support, no wear and tear of cleat and cover rubber is available with various compounds like abrasion resistance oil, heat, and flame resistance.

Specification :



X=Cross-Stabilized Construction
E=Polyester Tension Plies
+1=One Ply of Cross-Stabilized
+2=Number of Separate Cross-Stabilizing Plies

XE+2: is a mulitiply construction with cut edges
based upon carcass of EP fabric and one
monofilament ply on each side of the EP carcass
integrated into the upper and lower cover.

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